Laboratory of Experimental Economics CIMEO

CIMEO (Centre for Investigation and Modelling of Experimental Observations) is a multi-disciplinary laboratory for research on the nature of human decision-making, how individuals interact within organizations and markets, and the determinants of aggregate economic, political, and social outcomes. The Lab promotes common initiatives in the field of behavioral and experimental economics, which requires the interaction and the collaboration among researchers of different areas of expertise and specialization.

The Lab conducts experiments with appropriate monetary and non-monetary incentives and under controlled conditions, so that the factors influencing human behavior can be identified and their effects can be measured.

The Lab is hosted by the Department of Economics and Law.

The Lab works in close collaboration with researchers and PhD students affiliated to the European Phd in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies. This collaboration is ensured by the fact that the Director of CIMEO is also the Doctoral Coordinator.

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