Joint PhD theses, international agreements and interational networks

External cosupervisios
Currently, 3 external co-supervised thesis project has been launched within the SESS PhD. The project is developed in partnership with folloeing institutions:
 Università Federale di Minas Gerais (Brasile), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spagna), Univeristé de Bordeaux (France). 

International agreements
THe PhD students deveoping a thesis in external co-supervision are: 

- Giorgio Michalopoulos (PhD student in Applied Economics presso il Center for Development and Regional Planning (Cedeplar) della Università Federale di Minas Gerais). Supervisor in Sapienza: Prof. Giuseppe Attanasi.

- Vinicius Zuniga (PhD student in Economics and Innovation Management presso la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). Supervisor in Sapienza: Prof. Carlo D'Ippoliti.

- Massimo Cingolani (PhD student in Economia presso l’Université de Bordeaux). Supervisor in Sapienza: Prof. Carlo D'Ippoliti. 

Other agreements
There are also 2 international agreements with the following universities to promote the mobility of PhD students: 

Masaryk University (Czech Republic);

- Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest.

International networks
Il PhD SESS is actively involved through its board members and its students in the following networks: 

1. Network "Inequality and Social Welfare Theory": Ifo Munich, Université de Montpellier, LISER in Luxembourg, University of Verona, London School of Economics, University of Antwerp (Belgium)

2. Network SEET (Southern Europe Experimental Team): the PhD Coordinator was Presindent of the SEET in 2018-2019

3. Network SABE (Society for Advancement in Behavioral Economics): the PhD Coordinator is Presindent-Elect of the SABE in 2022-2024

4. Network con Burgundy School of Business, Dijon (Francia), University of Paris 8 (Francia), University of Antwerp (Belgio), University of Gothenburg (Svezia) and University of Arizona (Stati Uniti) for the organization of a summer school with 100 PhD and Master students since summer 2023 (

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