COURSE - Automated Computational Modelling in Mechanics (Roma Tre University)

The course is organized by the Doctoral School in Civil Engineering of the University Roma Tre. No fees are requested, but reservation is needed. Those wishing to attend the course should contact the Department of Engineering at the following address.

7-8-14-15 settembre 2020

Advanced modelling techniques for cutting-edge scientific questions and complex industrial problems require the implementation of challenging numerical simulations. New computational formulations and advanced nonlinear material models are continuously proposed. These are often characterized by severe nonlinearities whose numerical treatment is a challenging issue. In this context, the Finite Element Method is one of the most powerful approaches. In finite element code development, one of the most complex and error-prone steps is the derivation of the finite element matrices and vectors. This step requires tedious hand calculations which hamper the development phase of new finite elements or material models and the resulting expressions are often susceptible of code bugs. Due to advancements in symbolic computation and automatic differentiation techniques, efficient and highly compressed code for linear and nonlinear problems can be nowadays automatically generated. This approach is generally referred to as Automated Computational Modelling and allows for accurate and fast implementations, especially in a nonlinear framework. The Course will instruct on Automated Computational Modelling for Finite Element technologies in Mechanics. Participants will be introduced to basic concepts of combined symbolic-numeric coding, highlighting the advantages gained in the presence of material and geometrical nonlinearities. The course consists in 4 lectures and it will be held online. Each lecture comprises 2 hours of frontal teaching and 2 hours of hands-on practice. Applications will be developed with the use of AceGen and AceFEM packages in Wolfram Mathematica.

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