CORSO - Failure and Instability in Geomaterials and Geosystems

This 3-day course introduces, at the post-graduate level, the basic principles of material stability analysis, with specific reference to geomaterials such as soil and rock. First, an introduction to the definition and use of different metrics of material instability is given, including second-order work and controllability indices. Analytical techniques to differentiate localized and diffuse failure are then discussed, along with an examination of the implications of shear banding for the numerical analysis of geotechnical problems and examples of possible computational remedies. Afterwards, diffuse instabilities of the liquefaction type and the role of the pore fluids on their initiation are addressed, stressing the role of transitions from unsaturated to saturated conditions. Finally, the relevance of geomaterial instability in the context of landslide geomechanics is addressed. Examples of application spanning from rapid shallow landslides of the flow type to deep-seated creeping landslides are shown, with the goal to highlight the feedback between material instability, inelastic deformation, and the temporal dynamics of landslide motion.

10 giugno 2024, 15:00-19:00, 11 e 12 giugno 2024, 10:00-14:00

Il corso si terrà in modalità mista MA E' CONSIGLIATA LA PRESENZA IN AULA: in presenza presso l'Aula Caveau del DISG Facoltà di Ingegneria, via Eudossiana 18, Roma, e online tramite l'applicazione Zoom.
Per i corsi erogati dal Dottorato del DISG non è prevista l'assegnazione di crediti formativi ma solo l'attestazione delle ore di corso seguite (previa verifica della presenza)

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