Call for application 38° cycle BANDO AGGIUNTIVO

Educational goals and objectives

Specifiche economiche

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Tematiche, curriculum e competenze specifiche
Themes, curriculum and specific competence

F - ROME TECHNOPOLE - non associata a curriculum

- Applied research, technology development and innovation
Ente finanziatore: Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) Rome Technopole Ecosystem – Spoke 1
Competenze richieste: nessuna competenza specifica richiesta

Admission Procedure

Oral interview oral exam on arguments related to fluid and solid mechanics with particular reference to the mathematical formulation
language INGLESE

contacts and info

Curriculum studiorum

Graduation date and grade of the Master's degree
detailed list of exams including completion dates and scores of Masters's degree

Required documentation

Language Skills

the candidate must know the following languages

Exam Schedule

Oral interview
addressfacoltà ingegneria - dipartimento di ing. meccanica e aerospaziale
publication on notice boardNO
publication on the web siteYes
web site
date of publication31/03/2023

Evaluation scale

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