Annual report

Annual Report
The following report is aimed to giving an image of the research activities developed by our graduate students who engage in a general strategic design.
The research activities in our doctorate are based on three interdisciplinary pillars: (i) Fluid dynamics, (ii) Machine mechanics, (iii) Structures.
More specifically, with reference to the different sectors, reports are provided on the activities of the doctoral students with reference to the three sectors:
FLUID DYNAMICS: A sector of great importance, both from a theoretical and an application point of view, is the study of two-phase flows, involving three possible states: liquid, gaseous and solid. Different dyadic combinations are possible with these three states of aggregation, some of which, of greater relevance both theoretical and applicative, are part of the lines of investigation very active in the doctorate.
MECHANICS OF MACHINERY: Doctoral activities in this area focus on topics of considerable interest both theoretically and in application. In particular, three lines of inquiry are active: (i) new principles of mechatronic and sensorial control, (ii) elastic metamaterials, (iii) tribology with both industrial and biomechanical applications.
The first sector is related to autonomous vehicle robotics, emphasizing the principles of optimal control of systems that must operate in the absence of a human decision maker. The theoretical issues to be addressed are complex and invest mathematical models that allow to implement an artificial on-board decision. The doctoral students' investigations were also directed to the technological aspects of the realization of such devices.
STRUCTURES: In recent years, the structures sector has been dedicated mainly to the study of nano-structure behavior with innovative constitutive links.

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