Call for application 38° cycle

Educational goals and objectives

The doctoral programme aims to train researchers in the various performing arts, with specific skills in the analysis and interpretation of the texts, objects and discourses of one or more specific languages in this broad field: theatre, dance, cinema, photography, television, the new digital media, and music, both so-called Wester "art" music and popular or folk repertories. Particular attention is given to the interaction among these languages, as well as to the artistic, cultural, social, political and ideological contexts within which they operate, and to which they contribute. The doctoral programme comprises two curricula, "History and Analysis of Musical Cultures" and "Studies on Theatre, Performing Arts, Film and Digital Performance". Even if the two curricula organize mostly separate seminars, all the doctoral students are warmly encouraged to take part in the activities of both curricula, in order to promote an eminently inderdisciplinary education. In fact, a crucial tenet of the doctoral programme is a sustained methodological and theoretical dialogue among the various sub-fields, as well as with other disciplines, such as history, anthropology, and the history of art and literature.

Specifiche economiche

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Tematiche, curriculum e competenze specifiche
Themes, curriculum and specific competence

C - PNRR351 - non associata a curriculum

- La rigenerazione urbana di Roma e lo spettacolo di danza contemporanea
Competenze richieste: nessuna competenza specifica richiesta
- The urban regeneration of Rome and the contemporary dance performance
Required skills: no specific skill required

Il candidato sceglierà una tematica in fase di presentazione della candidatura on line

Admission Procedure

Qualifications assessment A research prospectus, which must include the title of the doctoral curriculum/concentration chosen by the candidate (Music or Performance Studies). The prospectus should be between 3500 and 4000 words, and should include:
a) a discussion of the research hypothesis;
b) a critical discussion of the state of existing international research on the chosen theme;
c) a presentation of the methods best suited to the research;
d) a research plan over the three years of the doctorate, and the anticipated results of the research;
e) a starting bibliography.

Oral interview 1) A discussion of the research prospectus.
2) A discussion of various issues pertaining to the curriculum chosen by the candidate, selected by the committee.
3)Translation of a brief text from English into Italian.
language ITALIANO

contacts and info, tel. 0649697041
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Curriculum studiorum

Graduation date and grade of the Master's degree
detailed list of exams including completion dates and scores of Masters's degree
History of Scholarships, Research Grants (or similar)
Certificates of Foreign Languages
Certificates of participation in post-graduate university courses
certificates of Participation in research groups
certificates of Participation in internships
Other University Awards/Degrees (e.g.: awards in competition, second degree)
Computer skills

Required documentation

§ degree thesis abstract
optional, the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

§ research project
max 3.500-4.000 words, the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

§ List of publications
optional, the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

§ letter of motivation (by the candidate)
max 2.000 characters, cfr. directions for this letter in the CV template that can be downloaded from the website of
the Doctoral program,
, the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

§ degree thesis (complete)
mandatory, the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

§ publications (a single pdf for each publication)
optional, the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

§ Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum
Download the template that you will find on the website, fill it and upload it, the file must be uploaded within 25/08/2022

Language Skills

the candidate must know the following languages

Exam Schedule

Qualifications assessment
publication on notice boardYes
publication on the web siteYes
web site
date of publication05/09/2022

Oral interview
notesNel caso ci fossero molti candidati la prova proseguirà il giorno successivo
addressFacoltà di Lettere e Filosofia - Via dei Volsci 122, 00185 Roma
publication on notice boardYes
publication on the web siteYes
web site
date of publication16/09/2022

Evaluation scale

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