Annual report

After the closures and delays due to the covid-19 pandemic, the restart of normal face-to-face teaching activities fostered greater interaction between lecturers and doctoral students. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the inauguration and usage of room number 117 in the Ex-Vetrerie Sciarra, dedicated from April 2022 to the almost exclusive use of Music and Performing Arts doctoral students thanks to an agreement reached with DigiLab Centre of Research. For this purpose, PhD funds were used to equip the room with appropriate digital equipment.
The doctorate programme continued to use online platforms through an integrated teaching system, which also allowed greater participation in the teaching activities of lecturers from other Italian and foreign universities.
An important novelty was the collaboration between the Doctorate and CREA-Nuovo Teatro Ateneo, which made it possible to organise and hold a number of workshop activities in the prestigious and historic venue of the University Theatre (see on the website, among other things, the poster dedicated to Maggio in Danza).
For all the details regarding teaching activities of last year, please refer to the relevant section of the website: Educational Offer Delivered.

Two sessions were held for the final examination with the awarding of the PhD title to the doctoral students of the XXXIII and XXXIV cycles; in the session held in presence on 23 May 2022, Vahid Ban, Francesco Bertini, Gianluca Chelini, Alessandro D'Aloisio, Anna Fubelli, Letizia Leo, Alma Mileto and Maria Rossetti were awarded the PhD title.
At the meeting held in presence on 23 September 2022, the title was conferred to Marta Mele and Courtney Quaintance.
On 3 March 2022, Giulia Riili was conferred the title in cotutela with the University of Geneva.

With the doctorate funds, in addition to supporting the doctoral students' missions and research, audio-visual and digital equipment was purchased to facilitate research and documentation of the doctoral students' activities, including a ScanPro 2500 microfilm scanner, an Oculus Quest 2 and an ASUS All in one PC.
Licences for online consultation of digital resources and databases specialising in the performing arts, FTLI and IBTD were also subscribed with EBSCO INFORMATION SERVICES S.R.L..

In order to promote the research of doctoral students and foster their transition into the world of work, the Doctorate in Music and Performing Arts has signed agreements with specialised publishers and has published two calls for the publication in volumes of the most deserving theses.
The theses, which are currently being revised, will be published by Bulzoni Editore in Rome in two special series called 'Biblioteca Teatrale' and 'Lanterna magica', and by the publisher Neoclassica in Rome in a special series called 'Storia e analisi delle culture musicali'.
For the 'Theatre Studies, Performing Arts, Cinema and Technologies for Digital Performance' curriculum, the winners were Francesca Cantore, Valerio Di Paola, Isabella Molinari and Martina Storani; for the 'History and Analysis of Musical Cultures' curriculum, the winners were Stefano Gavagnin and Vera Vecchiarelli.

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