Annual report

The number of doctoral students in Music and Performing Arts is currently 35 units distributed in the three cycles ranging from XXXVI to XXXVIIII. There has been a clear increase especially in cycle XXXVII (+5 units) due to the entry of grants funded through PON projects. Subsequent PNRR funding also led to an albeit smaller increase in doctoral students. PON and PNRR have meant from a methodological point of view a greater interaction between doctoral research and issues related to the increasingly pressing demands of technological innovation and ecology even in the humanities. The doctoral program in Music and Performing Arts by engaging with these new social and cultural issues has thus developed in recent years a more integrated and coherent system between pure university research and the "field" activities of institutions and companies related to technological development and ecological sustainability. Collaboration with public and private entities outside academia has thus increased without the loss of mobility to Italian and foreign universities, which has had a significant and natural increase after the limitations imposed by the Covid health emergency.
The annual didactic programming -- for which please refer to the appropriate section of the website: Deliver Study Plan-- was marked by important presences of well-known professors while the collaboration and group work of the doctoral students made use of laboratory moments as well as self-managed seminar moments favored by the operation put into full operation of the doctoral students' room in Music and Performing Arts at the former Vetrerie Sciarra, a room equipped with appropriate digital instrumentation purchased with funds from the Doctoral Program. Then, during the year, the collaboration with CREA-Nuovo Teatro Ateneo for seminar and workshop activities was strengthened. And the 40th cycle program also includes this kind of collaboration with a space equipped for research and training in the field of theater, film, drama, dance and music.

Regarding the careers of doctoral students, two sessions were held for the final examination with the conferring of the title of Ph.D. to doctoral students of the XXXIV and XXXV cycles.
In the session of January 31, 2023, Marco Baravalle and Silvia Gussoni were adducted.
In the session of June 28, 2023, the title was conferred on Ilaria Dellisanti, Leonella Grasso Caprioli, Matteo Macinanti, Daniele Peraro, Daniele Vergni and Daniele Zappatore.
To promote doctoral students' research and to foster their transition into the world of work, the Doctorate in Music and Performing Arts has continued to sign agreements with specialized publishers to publish the most valuable theses. The theses are published by Bulzoni Editore of Rome in two special series called 'Biblioteca Teatrale' and 'Lanterna magica,' and by the publisher Neoclassica of Rome in a special series called 'Storia e analisi delle culture musicali.' We point-out during 2022-23 the publication of the following volumes:
- Francesca Cantore, The Transformist. Alberto Sordi, Italy, cinema, Bulzoni Editore 2023, ISBN: 978-88-6897-305-6
- Ilaria Meloni, Sindhen Il canto femminile nell’isola di Giava, Noclassica, ISBN 978-88-9374-048-7

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