Seminars in Statistics: Alex Schmidt, Tony O’Hagan
23 Aprile 2024
Seminars in Statistics: Spatio-Temporal Counts; Gaussian Processeds | 23 April 2024 | Sala Lauree | ore 15:00
Economic Geography Seminars 2024
Marzo-Giugno 2024
Invited seminars and workshops on some of the key emerging research themes and methodologies in economic, social, urban and environmental geography, organized by the PhD and open to external participants.
End of 3rd Year PhD Workshop: 9 Febbraio 2024
9 Febbraio 2024
I dottorandi al termine del terzo anno presentano la propria ricerca in un seminario pubblico e di fronte al collegio.
Economy & Space 2nd PhD Workshop
31 Jan - 1 Feb 2024
2nd annual workshop “Economy and Space” dedicated to doctoral candidates researching in the broad fields of Regional Science and Economic Geography at Sapienza University of Rome and the GSSI in L'Aquila.
End of 1st Year PhD Workshop 2023
23 October 2023
Il 23 ottobre alle 9:30 presso l'aula Di Fresco si svolgerà un workshop per la presentazione dei progetti di ricerca dei dottorandi al termine del primo anno.
22 Settembre 2023
Over the years, quantile regression models have been implemented in a wide range of scientific settings to handle empirical characteristics encountered in real-world data. The goal of this workshop is to bring researchers together to disseminate and discuss new methodological and new real data applied contributions in quantile and generalized quantile regression methods. This meeting also aims at promoting project collaborations among academics and practitioners, and fostering the development of new research networks in this area. The Workshop will be held in the Faculty of Economics, Aula Pietro Onida, 3rd floor.
Forum on Qualitative, Quantitative and Visual methods
14-15 Settembre 2023
The Forum titled "Inhabiting Uncertainty" will take place September 14 and 15, 2023 in Rome (Italy) and it addresses to PhD students and Post-doc fellows in social sciences with the aim of supporting their research with methodological insights and recommendations for their projects, engaging them in a dialogue with senior researchers and experts in different methodological fields.
27-28 Giugno 2023
Presso la Società Geografica Italiana, via della Navicella, 12 - Roma, Palazzetto Mattei in Villa Celimontana
Growth, technology and industrial policy: European and Italian perspectives
31 Marzo 2023
Europe’s structural vulnerabilities and the challenges of the green transition. Long-term challenges of the Italian economy. Growth, technology and industrial policy: European and Italian perspectives. Key-note speech by Adam Tooze (Columbia University, New York).
Financial time series and tail risk forecasting with Python (Prof. Richard Gerlach)
16-17 Marzo 2023
The workshop covers a wide range of models and methods for forecasting financial tail risk, as well as methods to assess those forecasts. All practical examples use financial asset returns from the ASX and Python; all data and Python code needed is supplied. Each session will have several sub-sessions consisting of presentation of some theory and practical discussion, followed by demonstration and practical application using real data and Python. The workshop focuses more on the practical aspects of forecasting tail risk, rather than asymptotic theory. All estimation employed is frequentist, not Bayesian.

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