Forum on Qualitative, Quantitative and Visual methods
14-15 Settembre 2023
The Forum titled "Inhabiting Uncertainty" will take place September 14 and 15, 2023 in Rome (Italy) and it addresses to PhD students and Post-doc fellows in social sciences with the aim of supporting their research with methodological insights and recommendations for their projects, engaging them in a dialogue with senior researchers and experts in different methodological fields.
Growth, technology and industrial policy: European and Italian perspectives
31 Marzo 2023
Europe’s structural vulnerabilities and the challenges of the green transition. Long-term challenges of the Italian economy. Growth, technology and industrial policy: European and Italian perspectives. Key-note speech by Adam Tooze (Columbia University, New York).
Financial time series and tail risk forecasting with Python (Prof. Richard Gerlach)
16-17 Marzo 2023
The workshop covers a wide range of models and methods for forecasting financial tail risk, as well as methods to assess those forecasts. All practical examples use financial asset returns from the ASX and Python; all data and Python code needed is supplied. Each session will have several sub-sessions consisting of presentation of some theory and practical discussion, followed by demonstration and practical application using real data and Python. The workshop focuses more on the practical aspects of forecasting tail risk, rather than asymptotic theory. All estimation employed is frequentist, not Bayesian.
23 Febbraio 2023
Giovedì 23 febbraio 2023 dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 13.00, presso la Sala Pietro Onida della Facoltà di Economia, si terrà una tavola rotonda dal titolo “How do migrants imagine Europe? Insights from the H2020 project Perceptions”. La tavola rotonda ha lo scopo di presentare e discutere i risultati del progetto Horizon 2020 Perceptions.
PAESAGGI SOMMERSI: Geografie della crisi climatica nei territori costieri italiani
30 Gennaio 2023
La Società Geografica Italiana dedicherà il suo Rapporto annuale 2023 agli effetti devastanti che la crisi climatica avrà sui paesaggi costieri italiani, già pesantemente compromessi da decenni di cattiva gestione urbanistica e territoriale. L’obiettivo è proporre una lettura socio-ambientale per confrontare evidenze e previsioni con i diversi valori coinvolti, e riflettere sulle implicazioni di natura territoriale, paesaggistica, ecologica, socioeconomica, sociopolitica, sulle possibilità e sulle condizioni che vincolano la predisposizione di adeguate strategie di risposta. Questo secondo workshop sarà un’ulteriore occasione di riflessione su alcuni dei temi del rapporto, e di confronto tra i numerosi ricercatori e le ricercatrici coinvolte nella sua redazione con alcuni ospiti esterni.
PhD Workshop | End of 3rd Year
23-24 January 2023
Workshop for the presentation of the PhD research of 3rd Year Phd students
L'Europa e la Russia: alcune riflessioni sulle origini del conflitto in Ucraina
24 Gennaio 2023
Seminario di Massimo Bucarelli (Università Sapienza)
SPACE|ECONOMY PhD Workshop | The spatial turn in applied social and economic research
19 December 2022
Spatial data, methods and themes have been gaining centrality in many areas of applied economic research. A spatial perspective is indeed crucial to understand globalization, inequalities, migration, the pandemic, digital capitalism, climate change, and in many other fields of investigation. Thanks to GIS software, big data or satellite imagery, spatial data is literally burgeoning. It is therefore important to find a common ground for discussing theoretical, epistemological and practical issues related to the use of spatial data and methods, going beyond traditional disciplinary and thematic boundaries. In the workshop, PhDs from various Departments of Sapienza will present their ongoing research, and reflect on the challenges of using spatial methodologies. The workshop will be opened by the key-note speech of Simona Iammarino, former head of the Department of Geography and Environment at the LSE, and renowned expert in the study of regional economic development and policy, multinational corporations, innovation and technological change. The event is promoted by the PhD Models for Economics and Finance - cv in Economic Geography, in collaboration with the European PhD in Socioeconomic and Statistical Studies, the Phd School of Statistical Sciences – cv in demography, the PhD and the PhD School in Economics, the PhD School in Social and Economic Sciences – cv Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation.
Life course determinants and consequences of retirement
8 November 2022
Seminar by Angelo Lorenti (Research Scientist in the Labor Demography Research Group, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research)
Energy and financial crises
6 October 2022
Seminar of Silvana Bartoletto (Department of Economic and Legal Studies University Parthenope Naples) 6 October 2022, 10 am, Sala Lauree

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