Delivered study plan 2021/2022

PART 1 [Research Methods in Human Neuroscience]

(WED March 13)
Marialuisa Martelli: “Introduction to psych-toolbox” ore 10-14

(WED March 20)
Cristina Ottaviani: “Ecological momentary assessment and wearable devices” ore 9-11
Marialuisa Martelli: “Measuring thresholds” ore 11-13

(WED March 27)
Cristina Ottaviani: ”How to conduct and interpret a meta-analysis” ore 9-11
Fabrizio Doricchi “Methods in the study of mathematical cognition in healthy participants and brain damaged patients” ore 11-13

(WED April 3)
Vincenzo Guidetti: “Resilience: how can be potentiated?” ore 9-11
Cecilia Guariglia: “Integration of methods in neuropsychology” ore 11-13

(FRI April 12)
Gaspare Galati: “"Functional imaging of the human visual cortex” ore 11-13

(WED April 17)
Pierluigi Zoccolotti: “The use of reaction time measures in cognitive sciences” ore 9-11
Clelia Rossi Arnaud: “What is peer review and how to perform a peer review?" ore 11-13

(WED April 24)
Grazia Spitoni: “G*power as a first-choice software in the computation of sample size and power analyses” ore 11-13


(WED May 22)
Andrea Mele: “Scientific Communication e data analysis – Parte I”
Mariella Leggio: “Scientific Communication e data analysis – Parte II”

(WED May 29)
Daniele Caprioli: “An introduction to grant writing - Parte I”
Daniele Caprioli: “An introduction to grant writing - Parte II”

(WED June 5)
Simona Cabib: "A comparate approach to functional neuranatamomy of the cortico-striatal thalamo-cortical circuits"
Rossella Ventura: “Stress and psychopathologies: lesson from rodent models"

(WED June 12)
Maria Teresa Fiorenza: 'NeuroMetabolism in normal function and disease'
Elvira De Leonibus: “Behavioral phenotyping” oppure “The neuroanatomy of memory”

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