Delivered study plan 2021/2022

The specific training program was aimed at allowing PhD students to acquire the necessary skills to carry out an activity characterized by a high level of specialization.
The PhD students presented an oral and written report in English on the activity carried out and the results achieved.
The annual research program was presented at the beginning of the academic year and, with the favorable opinion of the Tutor, was approved by the scholars.
The PhD organized a series of seminars, training courses, lab meetings and scientific conversations during the academic year.
In particular, the didactic-scientific activities and seminars were organized.
A series of seminar activities were carried out on the following research topics:
Epigenetic regulation in cell differentiation, development and pathological situations. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of tissue regeneration. Epigenetic regulation of the genesis and progression of prostate cancer induced by inflammatory stimuli. Mechanisms for regulating the immune response in immunologically privileged organs and control of apoptosis in the male gonad. Calcium-mediated signal transduction mechanisms in muscle tissue remodeling. Skeletal muscle homeostasis. Molecular mechanisms of muscle atrophy and hypertrophy. Molecular mechanisms activated by physical exercise and exercise-mimetic drugs. Tissue engineering. Neurophysiological measurement for the online evaluation of mental states in operational environment. Role of growth factors that control cell differentiation.
The following courses were activated (see details in the attached file):
1) Banche dati bibliografiche –cataloghi biblioteche – Open access
2) Animal experimentation
3) Animal wellbeing
4) Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics
5) Single-cell transcriptomics (theory and bioinformatic pipeline)
6) Omics and prediction models in the clinical setting Reality and perspectives
7) Statistics for Biologists course
8) CIVIS courses (november-december 2021, as indicated in the attached file)

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