Annual report

The research activity of PhD students in the 35th cycle was positively evaluated by the College of Professors meeting on 22 October 2020, when the college admitted PhD students in the second year on the basis of the reports presented. The topics of the thesis of the 35th cycle are also relevant to the research field of Italian studies of the Department of Modern Letters and Cultures: from the fourth to the sixteenth century (Alessandro Pilosu deal with already mature perspectives,"Per una storia della poesia politica del Trecento italiano "; Anna Scafaro, Critical edition and commentary on the rhymes of Jacopo Sanguinacci; Erika Amorino, Il genere della corrispondenza poetica a Napoli, dalla conquista aragonese alla morte del Sannazaro 1442-1530); the twentieth century with one of its most representative authors, Luigi Pirandello, whose training is investigating the thesis of Maria Collevecchio, who won the Call for Training Research 2020; and in its most significant phenomena such as those on theatrical censorship in post-war Italy (Flavia Erbosi); the twentieth century as a century in which was born a now-adays increasingly significant perspective: that of comparative and literary criticism (Aldo Baratta). Always centered on the twentieth century is the project of a scholar who has many publications to his credit, Giorgio Galetto (ex art. 6) who is dealing with the critical edition of Giorgio Morselli's unpublished theatrical.

The research activity of phD students in the 34th has in many cases been intense and has already been successful, as evidenced by the participation of PhD students in various seminars. The results of research projects already well defined and defined are excellent: The reports summarized the results of the first year, which relate both to the progress of the research project and to participation in the cycle of seminars provided for in the training offer. Many PhD students and PhD students of the second year have participated as speakers in seminars and external conferences and some are winners of the Call for Research Training 2019 (Matilde Esposito and Ludovica Saverna)The various research projects cover several centuries of Italian literature and reflect the research lines of italian studies of the Department of Modern Letters and Cultures. There are projects on the great classics of the Middle Ages, Dante and Boccaccio, in relation to classical culture (“Ovidio in Dante” by You Yuze)to the study of rhetoric (Serena Mauriello: "Evidenza e amplificazione nella prosa narrativa di Giovanni Boccaccio") and to philology (Letizia Anna Nappi, Edizione critica del commento all’Inferno di Graziolo Bambagnoli). The same space occupies the thesis on the eighteenth/nineteenth Century: on Arcadia(Appetecchi on Scientific Poetry in Arcadia), on dramaturgy, culture and institutions of the first half of the nineteenth century (Esposito on: Il Risorgimento in scena: la produzione drammatica di Giovanni Battista Niccolini; Saverna on La giovinezza dei letterati: scuole,università e istituzioni formative dalla crisi dell’Antico regime all’Unità. The case of Rome). Finally, a thesis of considerable depth is dedicated to the early twentieth century within a European perspective (Carcione on metaphysical literature).

Positive were the opinions of the evaluators on the work carried out by third-year PhD students (33rd cycle) who did not ask for the extension: Sara Calculli who carried out a very complex thesis on "Vie dell’Orazio medievale nell’opera di Dante; Chiara Germini whose thesis, in co-tutelage with Paris3, treated "Il fantastico tra leggende, fantasmi e visioni: analisi narratologica della novellistica di Matilde Serao e Grazia Deledda; Angela Bubba (32nd cycle) already winner in 2017 of the Morante prize for criticism, she carried out a thesis of great commitment on "Anna Maria Ortese scrittrice straniera. Il nativo come nascita di un’alterità e fondazione di una poetica". The evaluators requested a postponement of up to six months for the thesis of Paolo Marati (ex art. 6) which deals from a structural methodological perspective a thorny topic such as "L’edizione Piatti dei canti del Leopardi. Stile, strutture, fonti, analisi testuali". Dr. Elisabetta Olivadese (DL Rilancio), already winner together with Nicole Volta, of the Training to Research 2019 call, whose thesis on Tasso’s topic needed the latest bibliographic checks in the library, requested a two-month postponement. The discussions of Nicole Volta and Barbara D'Alessandro have already been postponed, having already benefited from a six-month extension for the 24 Ects. Golia (32nd) extension law 176 2020

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