Specific and in-depth investigations in all fields of physiopathology, both surgical and medical, in matters of cardiac diseases, vascular diseases, thoracic diseases, and in all fields of diagnosis by imaging including non-invasive investigations, radiology, and nuclear medicine.
Those disciplines are strictly intertwined and complete each other in research. This Doctoral course is divided into different curricula according to prevalent interest in scientific investigations, be it vascular or cardiac, radiological or nuclear medicine.
Every candidate admitted to the doctoral course is asked to present a subject and purpose of research and indicate in which unit or units such research will be carried out. Equipment, materials, and anything else needed for investigation have also to be specified and provided.
The candidate must also select a tutor willing to help and check and share responsibility for the effective development and audit of investigational activities.

Every tutor is asked to provide a note about his/her pupils every six months and once a year a plenary meeting is held where the candidates' present advancements of their research and discuss them with the entire Faculty.

The final goal is to obtain advancement in knowledge from every research carried out during the doctoral course.

The aim is to obtain advancement in knowledge from every research carried out during the doctoral course.

Curricula A
  1. Cardiovascular anatomy and physiology
  2. Cardiac and thoracic vascular disorders
  3. Non-invasive and invasive diagnostics
  4. Notions of medical therapy and advanced methods of surgical therapy
  5. Vegetative neuroeffector mechanisms at the cardiovascular level
  6. Identification, location, and biological role of protease inhibitors in the cardiovascular and system dopaminergic and cholinergic receptor systems in the cardiovascular system
  7. Plasma and tissue protease inhibitors in the cardiovascular system
  8. Evaluation of myocardial viability and transmurality of necrosis after myocardial infarction using polyparametric techniques
  9. Evaluation of the stunned and hibernated myocardium
  10. Pulmonary and extra-pulmonary mycobacteriosis
  11. Neurotrophin receptors in pulmonary arteries and bronchioloalveolar lavage fluid in sarcoidosis Aerosol use of alpha interferon in pulmonary tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis; etiopathogenesis of pulmonary and extrapulmonary histiocytosis.
Curricula B
  1. Radiopharmaceuticals
  2. The new imaging techniques
  3. The cardiological and gastro-enteric pathophysiology
  4. Neoplastic growth.




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