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Educational goals and objectives

The PhD Program "Psychology and Cognitive Science", as far as the scope and structure of its subjects of interest, the width and interdisciplinary characterization of the Board of Professors, and the network of National and International research collaborations are concerned, complies with the criteria established by the Ministry and approved by the National Council of University (CUN) concerning “the adoption of aggregations about relevant subjects”, and “the acknowledgement of the subjects, without ruling out highly interdisciplinary innovative subjects”.
With regards to its training paths, the doctoral program addresses many scientific fields which are methodologically and culturally strongly related, and characterised by evident multidisciplinary connections; the core teaching activity is based upon workshops and seminars. First-year students are also supposed to acquire a broad and critical knowledge of advanced parametrical and non-parametrical statistical methods (structural equation modelling, trend analyses, log-linear models, cluster analyses, etc.), and statistical methods for psychological testing. Also, they must fully develop their skills in experimental designs and signal analysis for psychological and physiological laboratory research.

During the first year, the students’ research activity consists of critically reviewing the literature about a specific research topic they have chosen with the approval of the Board of Professors; during the second year, the students have to run at least a pilot study aimed at investigating the main issues raised in the critical review; during the third year the students have to carry-out conclusive results from their extensive research and to write their doctoral thesis.

During the first year, courses are mainly focused on parametric and non-parametric methods (structural equations, trend analysis, log-linear methods, cluster analysis, etc.); methods for adapation and validation of psychometric instruments, experimental designs, and techniques and methods in psychophysiological and psychological research.
The courses of the second year are more focused on scientific publications, peer-reviewing , fundarising.
The courses during the third year are mainly focused on the experimantal projects of the PhD students and associated publication of their results.

The Route A is concerned with cognitive processes, individual differences, and states of consciousness. The Route B aims to prepare researchers who could plan and carry out research oriented to the study of cognitive processes, using all the contributions from the cognitive sciences and considering all the lifespan.

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Themes, curriculum and specific competence

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Admission Procedure

Written examination The written examination will consist of the critical comment of an international scientific article chosen by the candidate on one of the themes of interest of the doctorate. The test will evaluate the theoretical skills, the ability to critically frame a research within the relevant scientific literature and the statistical / methodological skills of the candidates in the areas of interest of the doctorate.
The evaluation criteria of written examination (Max 60 points) will be:
1) Justifying the choice of the article chosen by the candidate (10 points).
2) Relevant information on the article (10 points).

3) Critical framing within the international scientific literature (10 points).
4) Critical discussion on the methodological aspects (10 points).
5) Comment on results / discussion (10 points). 6) Limits of the study (10 points).
language ITALIANO

Oral interview The oral examination will consist of an interview that will evaluate the previous scientific research experiences of the candidate and his/her knowledge of the methodological / statistical aspects of the research in Psychology. Moreover, during the interview, the knowledge of scientific English will be evaluated. The examination will evaluate: a) the research skills, b) the relevance of the candidate's research interests with those of the PhD program, c) the general methodological and research design skills, d) the ability to understand a scientific text written in English.
The evaluation criteria of oral examination (Max 60 points) will be:
1) The ability to critically analyse her/his previous research, highlighting the logical path, from research hypothesis to the methodology and statistical analysis used, until the discussion of the results obtained; the ability to frame research activity within the international scientific literature; the ability to analyse the limits encountered and to propose solutions; the ability to outline a program or a line of research consistent with the PhD topics and feasible in the three years of the doctorate, pointing to themes, methodologies, theoretical relevance (40 points).
2) For the English language examination, it will be evaluated the ability to properly read a scientific text, and especially the accuracy of the Italian translation of the text and its consequent understanding (20 points).

language ITALIANO

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Curriculum studiorum

Graduation date and grade of the Master's degree
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Required documentation

Language Skills

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Exam Schedule

Written examination
classroomAula 2, Via dei Marsi 78
addressVia dei Marsi, 78; 00185 Roma
publication on notice boardYes
publication on the web siteYes
web site
date of publication18/07/2024

Oral interview
classroomAula 2, Via dei Marsi 78
addressVia dei Marsi, 78; 00185 Roma
publication on notice boardYes
publication on the web siteYes
web site
date of publication23/07/2024

Day of publication of the final outcome: 23/07/2024

Evaluation scale

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Oral interview english version

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