Giornate della Ricerca MEMOTEF 2022
31 Maggio - 1 Giugno 2022

Industrial Policy and Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan
27 May 2022
International workshop on industrial policy and a round table on PNRR and the digitalization of the Italian economy.
Professional perspective for Doctoral students
17 May 2022
4 Pm | Aula Marrama | Professor Daniele Archibugi will give a lecture on Professional perspective for Doctoral students, based on his recent book "L'apprendista stregone. Consigli, trucchi e sortilegi per aspiranti studiosi".
Globalizzazione e popolazione
16 May 2022

Climate Shocks, Migration, and Labor Markets: A Gender Analysis from West Africa
13 May 2022
Nelly Elmallakh - World Bank | May 13 2022, 2-3pm
22 April-24 May 2022

Notte internazionale della Geografia alla Sapienza
1 Aprile 2022

Profiles of entrepreneurial success during two centuries. The case of Sweden, with comparisons to Italy
March 16th 2022
The Department hosts a seminar by Hans Sjögren, professor of economic history and institutional economics at Linköping University, whose research is about how institutional conditions affect corporate governance , profitability and economic growth.
Using statistics as a practical tool for corpus linguistics and the analysis of language
3 February 2022
Practical Workshop Keynote speaker: Vaclav Brezina (Senior Lecturer at the University of Lancaster, UK) Introduction: Marina Bondi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
Were there missing girls in Liberal Italy? Evidence from a new dataset, 1861-1921
10 December 2021
Seminar by Gabriele Cappelli (University of Siena) for the presentation of an article with Francisco Beltrán Tapia (NTNU)

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