The Ph.D. program in Models for Economics and Finance aims to provide a solid methodological background in the fields of economics, statistics, econometrics, geography, mathematical finance, oriented to the analysis of relevant economic and social issues. This Ph.D. program differs from others in economics and in statistics as it offers analytical sophisticated tools as well as skills for empirical application. It participates in the Doctoral School of Economics.

Curriculum in MATHEMATICS FOR ECONOMIC-FINANCIAL APPLICATIONS: it trains students in quantitative techniques and mathematical modelling of relevant problems arising in economics, finance and actuarial sectors, including risk management. Thanks to the mixture of theoretical and business-specific skills, the program prepares mathematical scientists with knowledge of financial economics for careers in academia, business, and government, enabling them to take research leadership positions.

Curriculum in ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY: the aim is to provide participants with theoretical, methodological and practical skills that are needed to conduct high quality research, both within and beyond the Academia, in the fields of urban and regional planning, local economic development, firms location and geomarketing, and in the statistical and spatial analysis of geographic information. The curriculum promotes researches that are in line with the most recent advances in the disciplines of human geography, spatial statistics, regional economics and urban studies.

Curriculum in ECONOMIC STATISTICS: it is solidly based on modern and quantitative methods to analyze relevant economic problems. Emphasis is placed on empirical applications to analysis and solutions of practical problems in the field of applied economic and social sciences. It is designed to form research scientists with robust expertise in applied economics and statistics for careers in academia, business, and government in a leadership position. A solid competence in the field of statistics, econometrics, and applied economic methods is integrated with a focus on empirical applications.


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