Delivered study plan 2021/2022

The PhD in 2021/2022 included three terms of intensive courses organized by the PhD in collaboration with the Doctoral School in Economics and with other PhD programs at Sapienza (indicated in brackets).

PhD students are first invited to take pre-registered online PRE-COURSES in Statistics, Mathematics and Economics.

The following three terms are organized as follows.

The FIRST TERM includes the following basic courses (with indication of the curricula for which they are compulsory):
Statistics | Geo, Mat, Stat | M. Geraci
Probability | Geo, Mat, Stat | B. Liseo
Mathematics | Mat, Stat | G. Stabile
Macroeconomics | Mat, Stat | Di Pietro & Nucci
Microeconomics | Mat, Stat | Panaccione & Parello
Econometrics | Geo, Mat, Stat | V. Patella et al.
Public Policy Analysis (PhD DISSE) | Geo | d'Albergo & Moini

The SECOND TERM includes the following compulsory and optional courses:
Computational Tools for Finance | Mat, Stat (optional) | I. Oliva
Computational Tools for Statistics | Stat, Mat, Geo (optional) | A. Arcagni
Development Economics (PhD DISSE) | II Term | | GEO (optional) | P. Montalbano
Economic Geography | Geo | F. Celata et al.
Finance: theory and applications | mat | S. Bianchi
Methods of Evaluation (PhD DISSE) | Geo, Stat (optional) | Cerqua & Pellegrini
Multivariate Statistics with R | Stat, Mat, Geo (optional) | N. Deliu
Python for Finance | Stat (optional), Mat | CdLM Finass
Social Research Methods and Techniques (PhD DISSE) | Geo (optional) | Giancola et al.
Spatial Data Visualization Analysis & Mapping | Geo, Stat (optional) | F. Celata et al.

The THIRD TERM includes the following optional courses:
Bayesian Statistics | II Term | Stat, Mat | B. Liseo
Economic History (PhD SESS) | II Term | Geo | Rota & Wiesdorf
Economics of Inequality (PhD Eco) | II Term | Geo, Stat | Raitano et al.
Economics of Innovation (PhD Eco) | II Term | Geo | Guarascio-Cirillo
Financial Risk Modeling and Forecasting Using Quantile Regression Methods | Mat, Stat | L. Merlo
Introduction to Calculus of Variations and to Optimal Control Theory | Mat | S. Patrì
Networks, Complex Networks and Problems of Decision-Making on Networks | Stat, Mat | F. Ricca
Social & Cultural Economics (PhD SESS) | II Term | Geo | F. Sabatini
Social Network Analysis (PhD DISSE) | II Term | Geo, Stat | Cinelli
Spatial Econometrics | Geo, Stat | B. Martini
Urban & Labour Economics (PhD SESS) | II Term | Geo | G. Croce

The SYLLABUS for each course is available in the right column in pdf format.

The CALENDAR for the courses is at this link:

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