Call for application

CALL - 35th cycle

Short list and Timetable of the interviews

Final ranking


The call for applications and its annexes are available at this webpage.
The deadline for application is 18 July 2019 (at 8:30pm, Rome-time).
The shortlist will appear 5 September 2019 and interviews will begin on 9 September 2019.
9 fully supported fellowships (with no teaching duties) will be available.
The registration procedure, different from the previous years, is described below.

The selection procedure will be very similar to the previous years.
Students who expect to graduate before 31 October 2019 will be admitted to the selection procedure subject to obtaining their degree before 31 October 2019.
Shortlist and timetable of the interviews 

After evaluating the received documentation, the selection committee will prepare a shortlist, which will be published on this website by 5 September 2019.

Candidates in the shortlist will be invited to two consecutive interviews, to be held on the same day (Lecture room Consiglio, Dipartimento di Matematica, first floor). 

The exact timetable of the interviews will appear in the shortlist announcement. If candidates wish to have their interviews performed remotely (e.g., via Skype or Google Hangout or Apple FaceTime) they should motivate their request by emailing the Director of the Ph.D. program (

Please note that there will be no written exam.


Each candidate will be interviewed twice: the two interviews will be held one after the other, in the same day. Each interview will last 20-25 minutes approximately.

In the first interview the candidate will be questioned on his/her scientific interests (past and future); in the second interview the candidate will be questioned on background topics centered around his/her scientific interests.

If the candidate is also applying for a fellowship supported by a specific project, then some questions may focus on topics related to the project itself.

Assessment criteria (in English and in Italian)

  • Up to 40/120 points for the evaluation of the CV, motivation statement and letters of recommendation; passing grade is 20 points.
  • Up to 30/120 points for the first interview; passing grade is 15 points.
  • Up to 50/120 points for the second interview; passing grade is 25 points.

The minimum grade to pass the test is 60/120. Based on the overall score, the committee will rank the candidates and establish their eligibility for any specific project.

How to apply (call 2019)

Step  0

You can find the official call at the webpage (PhD Call 2019-20 / 35th Cycle), where you can download the call, its annex A and its annex B.

The procedure is slightly different depending on whether your degree was released by a EU country or by a non-EU country (see article 4 of the call).

Foreign candidates can also apply for a position without financial support (see article 5 of the call).

Step 1
Go to this webpage.
(Or, alternatively go to Infostud webpage and choose "PhD - Research Doctorates" and then "Application form".)

Follow the instructions and complete part 1 of the registration.

Step 2
Go to the webpage and complete part 2 of the registration before 18 July 2019 (at 8:30pm, Rome-time).

The following documents will be required:
- list of passed exams with marks (such information might be in our database) - compulsory
- abstract of MSc thesis - compulsory
- reserach project - optional
- cover letter - compulsory
- proofs of MSc thesis - optional
- CV in European format - optional
- names and email addresses of two professors willing to send a recommendation letter - optional.

The candidate may include names of professor he/she would like to have as supervisor while working at his/her PhD thesis.
Professors willing to send recommendation letters will be contacted by our Department.


Here are the details of the registration procedure the 2018 call.


HOW TO APPLY (Call 2018)

Step 1

The official call for applications can be found at
Italian: Bando 34°ciclo - Allegato A 34°ciclo
English: Call 34th cycle - Annex A 34th cycle

For your convenience, here is a to-do list for applying.

  • According to Article 3 of the call for application, you have to register with the University information system and pay the application fee before July 6.
  • If you hold a foreign academic degree, you will have to send the following additional documents, together with a scanned copy of your ID document  to the following e-mail address

    by July 6 (see Article 4 of the call).

    Your  e-mail should have the following subject:  

    "Documentazione bando 34° ciclo – titolo di studio conseguito all’estero (art. 4) – Cod. corso n.12506 MATEMATICA"

    Candidates holding an EU academic degree must attach a signed declaration that they hold or are expected to obtain by October 31 the necessary degree and must provide the full list of exams and grades (in English or Italian). In case they do obtain a position, they will have to produce an original certificate, according to Article 4 of the call.

    Candidates holding an extra-EU academic degree must attach an official degree certificate with exams and grades (if the certificate is not in Italian of in English, a legal translation is needed as well).

  • Foreign candidates can also apply for admission without a non financially supported fellowship. For this type of application, follow the instructions in Article 5 of the call.

Step 2
Download, fill in and save the cv+statement.pdf file in either Italian (cv+statement-it.pdf) or English (cv+statement-en.pdf) version.

This is a writable pdf file that you can fill in using most of the common pdf readers (please note that occasionally some PDF viewer embedded in an internet browser might fail to correctly work).

Step 3
Complete the application (link su application bold) online by July 6.

You will be asked to upload the cv+statement file you have filled in and to provide names and email addresses of at most two referees willing to support your application. We will contact your referees when we receive your application.

Make sure to inform them, as soon as possible, that we will contact them and we will need to receive their letters of support within Sunday July 8!


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