Prof. Eng. Roberto Italo Costantini, INVAP S.E., "The SAOCOM Mission: Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radars for Earth Observation"

organizzatore: prof. Pierfrancesco Lombardo

Wednesday, November 13 2019 – 18:00, Aula Lettura al II Piano (floor) DIET

SAOCOM is a mission of the Argentinian Space Agency consisting of a constellation of spaceborne L-band full polarimetric SARs for Earth observation. The first satellite is in operation since October 2018, and the second will be launched in March 2020. Together with the Italian COSMO-SkyMed constellation of X-band SARs of the ASI, SAOCOM integrates the SIASGE (Italian-Argentinian Satellite System for Emergency Management) programme. We will present an overview of the mission, its products and their applications. Technical aspects of the SAR instrument, its characteristics and capabilities will be presented.

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