Laboratory of Electromagnetic Fields (LEF)

The research group of the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Fields (‘LEF’) at DIET of Sapienza University of Rome is active on various topics of theoretical and applied electromagnetics, mainly regarding the development and the design of advanced high-frequency passive devices and antennas for telecommunications, electromagnetic sounding techniques for geophysical and space applications, and the use of electromagnetic waves for alternative energetic sources.

Specific research activities are developed in the following areas of electromagnetics:

  • Analytical modeling and numerical techniques for innovative high-frequency radiative and passive components;
  • Propagation and leakage phenomena in periodic structures, complex media, metamaterials, liquid crystals, and graphene;
  • Reconfigurable leaky-wave antennas and arrays for microwaves, millimeter waves, and terahertz applications;
  • Forward and inverse scattering problems for georadar imaging;
  • Application of electromagnetic fields to plasma for thermonuclear fusion;

The research group of LEF collaborates with several leading international researchers on these topics.

Research activities on these themes at LEF are also available for Bachelor and Master theses, and for PhD students in ICT.

The Laboratory of Electromagnetic Fields at DIET is located at the third floor of the building B in the Faculty of Engineering of Sapienza University of Rome, via Eudossiana 18, 00184 Rome, Italy.

For further information on how to join, please contact the researchers at LEF lab:

  • LEF Permanent Members: Proff. Alessandro GalliPaolo BaccarelliPaolo Burghignoli (see also personal webpages)
  • LEF Local Collaborators: Prof. Paolo Lampariello, Dr Simona Mazzocchi, Dr. Paolo Comite, Mr. Maurizio Fascetti
  • LEF Active PhD Students: Walter Fuscaldo (Cycle XXIX), Luca Amicucci (Cycle XXIX), Silvia Tofani (Cycle XXX)

For further information on  LEF at DIET, please contact:

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