PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII

I’m Sherif Mohamed, Assistant Professor, Egyptian researcher in the field of Italian studies. I have been teaching the Italian language and culture since 2012 at Helwan University in Cairo where I graduated with full marks in 2011 and completed a diploma of preparatory studies in linguistics and my Master's thesis which dealt with language as a topic radio (study of the linguistic elements in the episodes of Peppino Impastato).
At the same time I am an interpreter (from Italian to Arabic and from Arabic to Italian). As a translator I published the Arabic translation of some short stories and texts from Italian: Marcovaldo or the seasons in the city by Italo Calvino (degree thesis in 2011, translated and not published). Theatrical text by Italo Svevo (Le ire di Giugliano) published in 2019 in Cairo and the translation of some novellas by Giovanni Verga (Another flood, The golden key, Wandering) are in progress and will be published in January 2022.
As a researcher I have participated in various conferences (local and international) in Italy and Egypt:
1. Participation in the circle of young researchers at the Ain Shams University in Cairo and the publication of a research on the language of the Radio. (March 2018).
2.Participation in the international conference (the silk road), Siena, Italy, December 2019. And the publication of a research concerning the radio language and the contribution of the Marconi company in Egypt.
I attended various information and refresher courses for university teachers at the University of Siena for foreigners and Alma Mater in Bologna.

Research products

11573/1669955 - 2022 - La Radio libera ed il contributo della Società Marconi in Egitto
Abdelmaksoud Abdelmoteleb, Sherif Mohamed - 04b Atto di convegno in volume
conference: Un itinerario tra Oriente e Occidente: la Via della Seta dal (e verso il) Mediterraneo (Siena)
book: Un itinerario tra Oriente e Occidente: la Via della Seta dal (e verso il) Mediterraneo - (978-88-32244-06-9)

11573/1669962 - 2018 - نوبات غضب جوليانو
Abdelmaksoud Abdelmoteleb, Sherif Mohamed - 01e Traduzione in rivista
paper: SAHIFAT AL-ALSUN (Cairo: Ain Shams University) pp. - - issn: 1687-3718 - wos: (0) - scopus: (0)

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