The Ph.D. Program is focused on language, texts and documents, considering all their implications and aspects (linguistic, philological, material, etc.). The program includes specific curricula covering Archive, Library and Information Science, theory of Language, general linguistics and language education, Russian linguistics and culture, historical and philological literary studies, geography and gender studies. The PhD program aims to provide graduate students with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge on the major issues related to language and documents (written as well as audiovisual and digital) and to material and immaterial heritage and is characterized by the attention to interdisciplinarity, to the most innovative areas of research in the various fields and to internationalization. The Ph.D. program is recognized as a leader program in various fields and involved in international cooperation, as shown by the provenance of applications from several Italian universities and from many other countries, as well as from qualified public servants.
Based on such targets, the Ph.D. Program organizes specific educational pathways, with cycles of lectures for Ph.D. students, as well as seminars and conferences with Italian and foreign scholars on issues related to the research of postgraduates students and training opportunities in which issues of relevant methodological and theoretical impact are addressed.

The Ph.D. program includes 5 tracks:
1) Books and documents
2) Theory of languages and linguistic education
3) Russian linguistics and culture
4) Literary history and gender studies
5) Geography


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