The PhD in Cybersecurity is a joint effort between Sapienza and Luiss.

Cybersecurity is an interdisciplinary field of study that has established itself in recent years as an evolution of the more traditional information security field. Classic problems in information security (such as software security, systems security, network security, cryptography, etc.) have been joined by other aspects that aim to grasp the complexity of modern threats and security concerns emerging in digital transformation processes: security of cyber-physical infrastructures, data governance, business resilience and human rights. For these reasons, cybersecurity today represents a research area with important multidisciplinary aspects, ranging from purely technological IT issues to aspects related to the control of data and information flows in complex socio-technical systems operating in a variety of settings such as healthcare, e-government, digital business, finance, logistics and energy. Cybersecurity also provides a promising field for advancing theories in many disciplines such as computer science, information systems, management, innovation, regulation and strategy. In fact, through critical reflections on emerging phenomena related to cybersecurity, scholars can challenge accepted views and underlying ideological and onto-epistemic assumptions to generate new theoretical insights from the empirical evidences.

The PhD in cybersecurity aims to train:
1) researchers capable of operating both in academia and in public and private research institutions for the development of new technologies and methodologies for cybersecurity;
2) specialists of the highest professional level with engineering and managerial skills capable of introducing technological and methodological innovation within the main application sectors of cybersecurity.

The multidisciplinary nature of this field of study is well represented by the composition of the doctoral college which leverages expert professors from multiple scientific sectors.

The research areas of main interest for the doctorate are:
- Systems security
- Software security
- Hardware security
- Network security
- Cryptography
- Cyber ​​risk management
- Data privacy and security
- Security governance
- Security in supply chains
- Security operations
- Economics of cybersecurity
- High-reliable organizing
- Information warfare

These issues are also addressed in their application to specific sectors such as the financial one, TLC, critical infrastructures, cloud services, e-government, health, manufacturing.


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