The Midas FEA NX software is a FEM solid modeling tool, to simulate and solve civil and mechanical engineering problems, best representing the solid geometry to simulate. Such as details of steel or reinforced concrete nodes, specimens in the laboratory, structural details, but also entire structures such as basilicas, masonry bridges, vaulted structures in general. Speaker Eng. Carlo Tuzza

June 23, 3:00 pm

Midas FEA NX is a solid (3D) modeling and advanced nonlinear analysis software for civil engineering. The new meshing tool allows you to accurately represent and solve the finite element model that best represents the solid geometry you want to create. In addition, it allows advanced non-linear analyzes of different types of structures such as historic masonry, reinforced concrete and steel instability through the use of different solvers: static linear; construction in stages; material and geometric non-linearity; dynamic analysis; heat transfer; heat of hydration; fatigue analysis.

The 3-hour seminar aims to introduce the use of sw modeling tools, meshing techniques, analysis setup.

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