PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXIV

supervisor: Fabio Sabatini
co-supervisor: Flaviana Palmisano

Research: Equality of Opportunity and Subjective Well-being

I am a PhD fellow enrolled at the European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies at the Department of Economics and Law at Sapienza University. I obtained a B.A. in Business Administration at the University of Perugia (2014), an M.Sc in Economic Analysis of International Institutions (2017), and an M.Sc. in Economics of Money, Credit and Finance (2018) at Sapienza University.

My research interests lie mainly within the field of equality of opportunity, and I am currently working on the effect that equality of opportunity has on individual well-being. Therefore, the PhD dissertation will be presented as “Essays on Equality of Opportunity”.

During the PhD, I did a Visiting period at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2020 that was initially interrupted due to the pandemics and then resumed last year. In 2021 I did TA activities in Economics for an undergraduate course. From March 2022, I will be spending five months as a trainee at the European Commission, DG ECFIN.

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