ciclo: XXXII

tutor: prof. Luca Lorenzetti, prof.ssa Anna Pompei, prof.ssa Piera Molinelli

Titolo della tesi: Continuity and Discontinuity in Substandard Latin: Three Case Studies on Phonology and Orthography

The present work aims to carry out a punctiform analysis of three grapho‑phonological phenomena within Latin primary sources. These phenomena, i.e., vowel prosthesis before word‑initial sC, consonant gemination, and -kt- outcomes (cf. § 1.4), albeit well‑known in the study tradition, require a review based on updated and richer data. The analysis is meant to be both diachronic and internal, attentive to structural aspects of the linguistic datum, and historical, according to a long‑standing tradition within Latin linguistics, and to a certain extent, the correlative sociolinguistic model. The study will be carried out through an empirical‑inductive approach, and the typology of the description will be both at a macro‑ and micro‑sociolinguistic level, depending on the empirical evidence.

Produzione scientifica

  • 11573/1573518 - 2021 - Continuity and discontinuity in substandard Latin. Three case studies in phonology and orthography (07a Tesi di Dottorato)

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