PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVI
phone: 3804292554

supervisor: prof. Claudio Zambianchi


Sara Esposito (Rome, 1992) graduated from bachelor’s and master’s degree in Art History at the Sapienza University of Rome, with dissertations respectively on Carlo Maria Mariani (supervisor: Prof. Claudio Zambianchi) and Umberto Milani (supervisor: Prof. Claudio Zambianchi, co-supervisor: Prof. Ilaria Schiaffini). She was awarded the Excellence Programme during her master's degree. Her areas of interest are Post-War art and Art Criticism, with particular attention to the poetics of the “Informale”.
She worked on the bibliographical research for the raisonné catalogue of the paintings of Carlo Maria Mariani, curated by Emanuela Termine and due for publication, and for the Ahmed Alsoudani exhibition catalogue. She also curated the inventory of documents related to Piero Dorazio, which are preserved in Adachiara Zevi’s archive.
From 2016 to 2020 she was in charge of the exhibition and editorial activities of the non-profit art space Sala 1. In 2019 she was a Luiss Business School scholar for "Generazione Cultura" course and carried out an internship at the Fondazione Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. During her studies she was an intern at Palazzo del Quirinale, Palazzo Barberini and Palazzo delle Esposizioni.
At the moment she is collaborating on the “Informale” bibliographical research for Enrico Crispolti Archive, a project coordinated by professors Claudio Zambianchi and Ilaria Schiaffini. She is working for Azienda Speciale PalaExpo, Palazzo delle Esposizioni.
Her PhD project focuses on Post-War sculpture and “Informale”.

Research products

11573/1634409 - 2022 - La scultura monumentale del XX secolo: il caso studio di Francesco Somaini
Esposito, Sara - 04b Atto di convegno in volume
conference: Behind the Image, Beyond the Image (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezi)
book: Behind the Image, Beyond the Image - (978-88-6969-588-9)

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