PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII

supervisor: Prof. Antonio Iacobini
co-supervisor: Prof. Giovanni Gasbarri

Research: Between two Capitals: Art and Aristocratic Patronage in Constantinople and Thessaloniki during the Early Palaiologan period (1261-1350 ca.)

Rebecca Amendola obtained her BA (cum laude) from “La Sapienza” – University of Rome with a thesis in Byzantine Art History entitled: “Scenes from the Life and Death of St. Ephraim Syrus by Emanuel Zanfurnaris: a Post-byzantine Icon in the Vatican Museums" (supervisor: Professor Antonio Iacobini). In 2021 She completed her MA (cum laude) at “La Sapienza” with a thesis in Byzantine Art History entitled: “Celebrating the Logos: Text and Images in the Parma Gospel Book (Ms. Pal. 5)” (supervisor: Professor Antonio Iacobini, co-supervisor Professor Livia Bevilacqua). In November 2021, her master’s thesis was awarded by the International Society of History of Book Illumination as the best master’s thesis on illustration and decoration of manuscripts and incunabula, discussed in a.a. 2018/2019, a.a. 2019/2020 and in the first session of 2020/2021.
During her formation, Rebecca was awarded three scholarships to work as a student collaborator with the Giulio Carlo Argan Library (a.a. 2017/2018); the Archaeology Library of the Department of Antiquities studies (a.a. 2018/2019); and the Secretary's Office of the Department of History, Anthropology, Religions, Art History, Media and Performing Arts (a.a. 2019/2020). In 2019 she did internship at the Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Government Department responsible for the Provinces of Frosinone, Latina and Rieti.
Since October 2021 she is a PhD candidate in History of Art. Her doctoral research will focus on aristocratic patronage in Constantinople and Thessaloniki during the early Palaiologan period (1261-1350 ca.).
She is a Subject Expert in Byzantine Art History (a.a. 2021/2022) at “La Sapienza” – University of Rome.

Research products

  • 11573/1666639 - 2022 - 26. Bibbia di S. Paolo fuori le mura (02f Scheda di catalogo)
  • 11573/1666640 - 2022 - 128.Vita Nili (02f Scheda di catalogo)
  • 11573/1666638 - 2022 - 5. Croniche delle cose di Lucca (02f Scheda di catalogo)
  • 11573/1666626 - 2022 - 4. Liber Regulae Sancti Spiritus in Saxia (02f Scheda di catalogo)
  • 11573/1666642 - 2022 - Il Tetravangelo Pal. 5 di Parma. Il programma iconografico e un’ipotesi sulla destinazione originaria del manoscritto (01a Articolo in rivista)

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