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The impact of inhibition of multidrug resistance protein 4 (MRP4) on nitric oxide (NO) resistance and on ADP-induced platelet aggregation is unknown. The aim of this investigation was to verify whether platelet NO resistance correlates with MRP4 expression and evaluate whether this can be reduced by in vitro MRP4 inhibition mediated by cilostazol. Moreover, we assessed if inhibition of MRP4-mediated transport reduces ADP-induced platelet reactivity. The inhibitory effect of sodium nitroprusside (SNP), a NO-donor that enhances cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) cytosolic concentration, was assessed in platelets obtained from aspirin treated patients and in a control population. The inhibitory effect of SNP was evaluated by ADP-induced aggregation in SNP-treated platelets. The impact of MRP4 on ADP-induced platelet aggregation was performed in high on aspirin residual platelet reactivity (HARPR) patients and compared to healthy volunteers (HV), and a control cohort (CTR). In aspirin-treated patients with high levels of MRP4, reduced SNP inhibition was found compared to those with low levels of MRP4. MRP4 inhibition by cilostazol significantly reduced ADP-induced platelet aggregation in HARPR population, and to a lesser extent in HV and CTR populations. In conclusion, cilostazol can mitigate the hyper-reactive platelet phenotype of HARPR patients by reducing residual ADP-induced platelet aggregation and increasing NO-dependent endothelial antiplatelet effects. The precision medicine has an important role to cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment, this approach considers individual’s genetics, lifestyle, phenotypes. In many works it has been shown that platelet hyper reactivity correlates with the over expression of MRP4 and has been evaluated by studying the MRP4 mRNA, our goal instead is to be able to directly dose the protein by using an ELISA kit.

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