PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVIII
email: lorenzo.giammattei@uniroma1.it

supervisor: Prof.ssa Caterina Volpi
co-supervisor: Prof. Luigi Ficacci


Lorenzo Giammattei (Rome, 1995), after having obtained his classical high school diploma, studied at La Sapienza - University of Rome, obtaining a three-year degree in Historical-Artistic Studies in 2018, under the supervision of Prof. Valter Curzi; in 2020 he obtained his master's degree, cum laude, in Art History, discussing a thesis on the painting activity of Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari, under the supervision of Prof. Valter Curzi and Prof.ssa Caterina Volpi. At the same university, in 2020 he entered the School of Specialisation in Historical-Artistic Heritage where he graduated in January 2023 with honours in History of Drawing and Graphics, with a thesis on Francesco Mancini's frescoes in the Coffee-House of Palazzo Colonna, under the guidance of Prof. Luigi Ficacci. Parallel to his university education, he collaborated for years with the W. Apolloni Gallery and the Colasanti Auction House, and later did internships at the Bank of Italy and the Cabinet of Drawings and Prints of the Uffizi Galleries. In conjunction with attending the School of Specialisation, he carried out historical and bibliographical updating of the catalogue entries of the collection of the National Galleries of Ancient Art of Palazzo Barberini and Corsini. His research interests focus on the study of graphic and pictorial production in Rome during the 18th century. He is a Subject Expert in Modern Art History (L-ART/02) for the academic year 2022-2023.

Research products

  • 11573/1662676 - 2022 - Antonello da Messina,San Girolamo penitente, Visita dei tre angeli ad Abramo (02f Scheda di catalogo)
  • 11573/1662675 - 2021 - Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari, Pietà (02f Scheda di catalogo)

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