PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII
building: Dipartimento Scienze della Terra

tutor: Prof.ssa Sabina Bigi

Research: Analysis of deep carbonate platforms for the identification of geothermal potential systems in the Valle Latina (Internal Central Apennines)

Education PhD in Earth Science at the University La Sapienza of Rome 2021 - on going Master Degree in Earth Science at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome in 2005. Professional and Research experiences More than 10 years of exploration experience in oil & gas industry, working in seismic interpretation, seismic and cartographic database, seismic survey plan and supervision during the acquisition (onshore and offshore), geological and geophysical interpretation of carbonate and clastic geological environment, geological and structural modeling, volumetric calculations and New Ventures evaluations (Italy, UK, Montenegro, Croatia, North Africa, Azerbaijan). Company's Representative on board of seismic survey vessel. 2018-Present Research fellow for Polytechnic of Turin based in Rome as consultant for the Ministero della Transizione Ecologica (ex DGS UNMIG del MiSE) in Rome and for CNR in BLUEMED Start-up Action SEALINES project. PhD Research activity This project could develop a method for the dynamic simulation of a carbonatic reservoir for geothermal source evaluation. The aim of this PhD project is to identify one or more geological structures in which a geothermal pilot plant could be developed in the Valle Latina and in the neighbouring areas (Internal Central Apennines). Finding solutions for geothermal energy is relevant because it is a natural renewable, clean and inexhaustible source of energy although it still plays a relatively marginal role in the Italian energy mix, contributing just a few percentage points. In spite of this, Italy is one of the main producers of geothermal energy in Europe and in the world. It is necessary to carry out further investigations and research regarding both the evolution of the carbonate platform, characterizing and 3D modelling the deep fractured carbonate systems as "fault-related folds" structures, and the capacity of these structures to have a geothermal potential due to temperatures between 70 and 100 °C. Research products Abstracts Giuseppe Vico and Giovanni Luca Cardello, 2022. From thrusting to back-arc extension: seismic structure and field evidence of the Apennine Tyrrhenian margin (Central Italy). Submitted in EGU General Assembly 2022 - TS4.3 – Recent geodynamic evolution and active tectonics of Mediterranean Arcs

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