PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVIII
email: f.palmeri@uniroma1.it
phone: 0649913678
building: Caglioti (CU032)
room: 8 e 23B, IV piano

supervisor: Mattea Carmen Castrovilli, Gloria Zanotti
co-supervisor: Antonella Cartoni

Federica Palmeri was born in Rome on 11th May 1995. After getting an High School Diploma in scientific subjects (100/100 cum laude) in July 2014, in May 2018 she got a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry at La Sapienza University of Rome (107/110) discussing an experimental thesis in Physical Chemistry on the Dynamics of UV Photodissociation of the allylic radical under the supervision of Professor Domenico Stranges. She did an internship of two months (June and July 2018) at ETH Zürich in Chemical Biology about the synthesis of new small organic ligands specific to interleukin-2 under the supervision of Professor Dario Neri. In May 2021 she got a Master’s Degree in Organic-Biomolecular Chemistry at La Sapienza University of Rome (110/110 cum laude) discussing an experimental thesis in Organic Chemistry on the synthesis of bile acids derivatives and their use as organocatalysts in aldolic reactions performed in water under the supervision of Doctor Andrea D'Annibale. From 1st September 2021 to 5th April 2023 she got two research fellowships at the National Research Council in the Institute for the Study of Nanostructured Materials (CNR - ISMN) where she actively contributed to the projects PRIN2017249YEF, PERSEPOLY and to the European project GREENART. Her work mainly concerned the development of methods for the conservation of cultural heritage through the synthesis and characterization of porous materials with new green methodologies functionalized with 2D systems and the development of innovative eco-friendly protective coatings based on biopolymers stemmed from natural waste and renewable sources. From 6th April 2023 she is attending the PNRR PhD Scholarship in Chemical Sciences XXXVIII Cycle at La Sapienza University of Rome within the Rome Technopole Ecosystem Project Spoke 1 (Applied research, technology development and innovation) Flagship 1 (Decarbonization and digitalization in research on new green energy sources) for the development of the research project “Circular & Bio products: sustainable functional materials for reusable and recyclable green smart devices”. Her research activity actually concerns the development of sustainable functional materials for reusable and recyclable green smart devices and it is carried out at the CNR-Institute of Structure of Matter under the supervision of Dr. Mattea Carmen Castrovilli and Dr. Gloria Zanotti, together with Dr. Antonella Cartoni, researcher from La Sapienza University of Rome.

Research products

11573/1689228 - 2023 - Preparation and characterization of bio-based protective coatings for the indoor preservation of bronze works of art
Barbetta, Aurelio; Boccaccini, Francesca; Palmeri, Federica; Riccucci, Cristina; Pascucci, Marianna; Messina, Elena; Bossi, Alberto; Di Carlo, Gabriella - 04f Poster
conference: 37th European Colloid and Interface Society Conference (Napoli (Italy))
book: Abstract book - ()

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