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PhD program:: XXXII
email: dino.biancolini@uniroma1.it
phone: 0649914774
building: CU008
room: 23

I studied my Bachelor's degree in Biological Science and my Master's Degree in Ecobiology at Sapienza University of Rome. Currently I'm a PhD candidate in Biology and Evolutionary biology at the Global Mammal Assessment programme (http://globalmammal.org/), Department of Biology and Biotechnology "Charles Darwin" BBCD, Sapienza University of Rome. My research interests revolve around vertebrates conservation, invasion ecology and global change effects on the future of biodiversity.
My PhD thesis "Scenarios of alien mammal invasions under global change" is in fact focused on global ecology and distribution of alien mammals of the world. I investigate alien mammal current anf future distribution under climate and land-use change trough the use of bioclimatic niche analysis, habitat suitability models and species distribution models under the supervision of Dr. Carlo Rondinini.

Research products

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