PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVIII
building: Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia

I graduated in architecture from the University of Rome La Sapienza in 1998 with a thesis on the rehabilitation of the former building of the Istituto Nazionale Luce in Cinecittà and have been a member of the Order of Architects of Rome since 1999.
After almost twenty years of private practice, in 2018 I joined the Schools Department of Roma Capitale. In recent years I have developed a particular interest in data management and analysis starting with those related to the network of kindergartens and school services in Roma Capitale.
In 2021 I discussed a Master Thesis II level in Digital Earth and Smart Governance – Strategies and GIS instruments for the management of regional and cultural heritage, at the University of Rome, RomaTre, titled "Study of a geo-referenced model of territorial analysis to support the planning and management of nursery schools (0 - 2) and kindergartens (3 – 5) of Roma Capitale.
I am currently a PhD student in Documentary, Linguistic and Literary Sciences for the geography curriculum, with a project focusing on strategies for the management of public service networks with particular reference to school services, with the support of Geographic Information Systems.

Research products

11573/1693438 - 2023 - Roma città delle città 2030-2050
Pallottino, Carlotta Anna - 01f Lettera, Nota
paper: SEMESTRALE DI STUDI E RICERCHE DI GEOGRAFIA (Roma: Sapienza Università di Roma: Sapienza Università di) pp. 125-133 - issn: 2784-9643 - wos: (0) - scopus: (0)

11573/1693466 - 2023 - “Il lavoro minorile non è un gioco”
Pallottino, Carlotta Anna - 01f Lettera, Nota
paper: AMBIENTE SOCIETÀ TERRITORIO (Roma: Associazione Italiana Insegnanti Geografia) pp. 38-40 - issn: 1824-114X - wos: (0) - scopus: (0)

11573/1704208 - 2023 - Granci della Marana. Irene Bernasconi e la Casa dei Bambini di Palidoro
Pallottino, Carlotta Anna - 01d Recensione
paper: AMBIENTE SOCIETÀ TERRITORIO (Roma: Associazione Italiana Insegnanti Geografia) pp. 46-46 - issn: 1824-114X - wos: (0) - scopus: (0)

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