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Carlos Castillo (they/them) is an ICREA Research Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, where they lead the Web Science and Social Computing research group. They are a web miner with a background in information retrieval and have been influential in the areas of crisis informatics, web content quality and credibility, and adversarial web search. They are a prolific, highly cited researcher who has co-authored over 110 publications in top-tier international conferences and journals, receiving two test-of-time awards, five best paper awards, and two best student paper awards. Their works include a book on Big Crisis Data, as well as monographs on Information and Influence Propagation, and Adversarial Web Search.

Publication list follows.

*** To appear in 2024 ***

Journal papers

- Manuel Portela, Carlos Castillo, Songül Tolan, Marzieh Karimi-Haghighi, Antonio Andres Pueyo. A Comparative User Study of Human Predictions in Algorithm-Supported Recidivism Risk Assessment. Accepted for publication in Artificial Intelligence and Law. Springer, 2024.

*** Published in 2023

Journal papers

- Marzieh Karimi-Haghighi, Carlos Castillo, Songül Tolan, Kristian Lum: Effect of Conditional Release on Violent and General Recidivism: A Causal Inference Study. Journal of Experimental Criminology. Springer.

- Lorenzo Porcaro, Emilia Gómez, Carlos Castillo. Assessing the Impact of Music Recommendation Diversity on Listeners: A Longitudinal Study. ACM Transactions on Recommender Systems, July 2023.

- Giorgio Barnabo, Federico Siciliano, Carlos Castillo, Stefano Leonardi, Preslav Nakov, Giovanni Da San Martino, Fabrizio Silvestri: Deep Active Learning For Misinformation Detection Using Geometric Deep Learning. Online Social Networks and Media 33, January 2023.

Conference papers

- Arpit Merchant, Carlos Castillo: Disparity, Inequality, and Accuracy Tradeoffs in Graph Neural Networks for Node Classification. In Proc. CIKM 2023. ACM Press.

- Hamada M. Zahera, Fedor Vitiugin, Mohamed Ahmed Sherif, Carlos Castillo and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo: Using Pre-trained Language Models for Abstractive DB PEDIA Summarization: A Comparative Study. In SEMANTiCS 2023. IOS Press.

- Júlia Riera, David Solans, Marzieh Karimi-Haghighi, Carlos Castillo, Caterina Calsamiglia: Gender Disparities in Child Custody Sentencing in Spain: a Data Driven Analysis. In Proc. ICAIL 2023. ACM Press.

- Maurício Gruppi, Panayiotis Smeros, Sibel Adalı, Carlos Castillo, Karl Aberer: SciLander: Mapping the Scientific News Landscape. In Proc. ICWSM. AAAI.

*** Published in 2022

Journal papers

- Teodora Sandra Buda, Joao Guerreiro, Jesus Omana Iglesias, Carlos Castillo, Oliver Smith, Aleksandar Matic: Foundations for Fairness in Digital Health Apps. Frontiers in Digital Health, August 2022.

- Corinna Hertweck, Carlos Castillo, Michael Mathioudakis. Designing Affirmative Action Policies under Uncertainty. Journal of Learning Analytics vol. 9 issue 2, Society for Learning Analytics Research, 2022.

- Rahul Pandey, Hemant Purohit, Carlos Castillo, Valerie L. Shalin. Modeling and Mitigating Human Annotation Errors to Design Efficient Stream Processing Systems with Human-in-the-loop Machine Learning. Int. J. of Human-Computer Studies 160. April 2022. Elsevier.

- Meike Zehlike, Tom Sühr, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Francesco Bonchi, Carlos Castillo, Sara Hajian: Fair Top-k Ranking with Multiple Protected Groups. Information Processing and Management 59(1), Special Issue on Algorithmic Bias and Fairness in Search and Recommendation. Jan 2022.

Conference papers

- Giorgio Barnabò, Federico Siciliano, Carlos Castillo, Stefano Leonardi, Preslav Nakov, Giovanni Da San Martino, and Fabrizio Silvestri: FbMultiLing-Misinfo: Challenging Large-Scale Multilingual Benchmark for Misinformation Detection. IJCNN 2022. IEEE.

- Marzieh Karimi-Haghighi, Carlos Castillo, Davinia Hernández-Leo: A Causal Inference Study on the Effects of First Year Workload on the Dropout Rate of Undergraduates. In AIED 2022. Springer.

- Fedor Vitiugin, Carlos Castillo: Cross-Lingual Query-Based Summarization of Crisis-Related Social Media: An Abstractive Approach Using Transformers. In ACM Hypertext 2022. ACM Press.

- Valerio Lorini, Paola Rufolo, Carlos Castillo: Venice Was Flooding ... One Tweet at a Time. In CSCW 2022. ACM Press.

- Lorenzo Porcaro, Emilia Gómez, Carlos Castillo: Perceptions of Diversity in Electronic Music: the Impact of Listener, Artist, and Track Characteristics. In Proc. of CSCW 2022, Vol. 6, Issue CSCW1, Article 109, pp. 1-26. ACM Press.

- Francesco Fabbri, Yanhao Wang, Francesco Bonchi, Carlos Castillo and Michael Mathioudakis. Rewiring What-to-Watch-Next Recommendations to Reduce Radicalization Pathways. In Proc. TheWebConf 2022. ACM Press. Best paper award.

- Francesco Fabbri, Marialuisa Croci, Francesco Bonchi, Carlos Castillo. Exposure Inequality in People Recommender Systems: The Long-Term Effects. To appear in ICWSM 2022. AAAI Press.

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