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Full Professor of Statistics at Università LUMSA
Experienced Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. My research is in the area of statistical modeling, on the frontier between statistics and mathematics, statistical computing and applied statistics. Skilled in Hidden Markov Models, Latent Class Analysis, Multivariate Statistics and Big Data Analysis, with applications in environmental statistics, medice, economics, finance, higher education.

Latest Publications
M. Mingione, P. Alaimo Di Loro, A. Maruotti (2024). A useful parametric specification to model epidemiological data: revival of the Richards' curve. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, to appear.

S.D. Tomarchio, A. Punzo, A. Maruotti (2024). Matrix-variate hidden Markov regression models: fixed and random covariates. Journal of Classification,.

M. Mingione, F. Branda, A. Maruotti, M. Ciccozzi, S. Mazzoli (2023). Monitoring the West-Nile virus outbreaks in Italy using open-access data. Scientific Data, 10: 777.
A. Maruotti, P. Alaimo Di Loro (2023). CO_2 emissions and growth: a bivariate bidimensional mean-variance random effects model. Environmetrics, e2793.

M. Ötting, R. Langrock, A. Maruotti (2023). A copula-based multivariate hidden Markov model for modelling momentum in football. AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis, 107: 9-27.

A. Cremaschini, A. Maruotti (2023). A finite mixture analysis of structural breaks in the G-7 gross domestic product series. Research in Economics, 77: 76--90.

A. Cremaschini, A. Punzo, E. Martellucci, A. Maruotti (2023). On stylized facts of cryptocurrencies returns and their relationship with other assets, with a focus on the impact of COVID-19. Applied Economics, 55: 3675-3688.

C. Bussoli, C. Giannotti, M.F. Marino, A. Maruotti (2023). Trade credit in Europe: financial constraint and substitution effect in crisis times. European Financial Management, 29: 327--348.

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