PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII
phone: 0649903524
building: ISS, viale Regina Elena 299, edificio 45
room: 11a, piano A

supervisor: Roberta Risoluti

Anna Muratore (27/08/1993, Rome) graduated in Chemistry in 2016 at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" with a thesis entitled "Chemical-physical characterization of the ionic liquid N-butyl-N-methyl- thiazolidinium bis (trifluoromethanosulfonil) imide (ThyR1,4TFSI)” dealing with new electrolytes for lithium ion batteries and having Prof. Stefania Panero as supervisor. In 2019 she obtained the master's degree in Analytical Chemistry, again at Sapienza in Rome, with a grade of 110/110 cum laude, discussing a thesis entitled "Multi-analyte screening: comparison between different chromatographic spectrometric technologies", about the development of analytical methods in the antidoping field and having as supervisors Prof. Stefano Materazzi and Prof. Francesco Botrè (director of the Anti-doping Laboratory in Rome where the internship was carried out). In July 2020 she took the state exam for the qualification to the profession of Chemist and from October of the same year she was enrolled in the LUAM Order of Chemists and Physicists section A. In May 2021 she obtained a II level Master in Forensic Analytical Methodologies with a thesis about "The forensic problem linked to the quality of surface water intended for human consumption: a focus on the analysis of cyanotoxins in LC-MS", with this thesis she began to take an interest in the field of water analysis. In November 2021 she was the winner of a XXXVII cycle doctoral scholarship, funded by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

Research products

11573/1690336 - 2023 - Tracing the footprints of SARS-CoV-2 in oceanic waters
La Rosa, Giuseppina; Mancini, P; Iaconelli, M; Veneri, C; Bonanno Ferraro, G; Del Giudice, C; Suffredini, E; Muratore, A; Ferrara, F; Lucentini, L; Martuzzi, M; Piccioli, A - 01a Articolo in rivista
paper: SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT (Society for Enviornmental Geochemistry and Health) pp. 1-8 - issn: 1879-1026 - wos: WOS:001159050000001 (0) - scopus: 2-s2.0-85172141003 (0)

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