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ciclo: XXXVI

Titolo della tesi: Targeting tumor microenvironment to conteract glioblastoma growth

In this work we explored the possibility to counteract glioma growth modifying tumor microenvironment following two different approaches. In the first project we have modified the activity of one epigenetic actor. We evaluated the role of the histone deacetylase HDAC8 in the regulation of the immune response in glioma and tumor growth. We found that inhibition of HDAC8 by the specific inhibitor PCI-34051 reduces tumor volume in glioma mouse models. We reported that HDAC8 modulates the viability and the migration of human and murine glioma cells. Interestingly, HDAC8 inhibition increases the acetylation of alpha-tubulin, suggesting this epigenetic modification controls glioma migration. Furthermore, we identify HDAC8 as a key molecule that supports a poorly immunogenic tumor microenvironment, modulating microglial phenotype and regulating the gene transcription of NKG2D ligands that trigger the Natural Killer cell mediated cytotoxicity of tumor cells. In the second project we tried to mimic the beneficial effect of exposure to an enriched environment on glioma-bearing mice. In particular, environmental cues increase the microglial production of interleukin (IL)-15 which promotes a pro-inflammatory (antitumor) phenotype of microglia and the cytotoxic activity of natural killer (NK) cells, counteracting glioma growth, thus representing a virtuous mechanism of interaction between NK cells and microglia. To mimic the effect of EE on glioma, we investigated the potential of creating engineered microglia as the source of IL-15 in glioma. We demonstrated that microglia modified with recombinant adeno-associated virus serotype 2 (rAAV2) carrying IL-15 (rAAV2-IL-15), to force the production of IL-15, are able to increase the NK cells viability in coculture. Furthermore, the intranasal delivery of rAAV2-IL-15 microglia triggered the interplay with NK cells in vivo, enhancing NK cell recruitment and pro-inflammatory microglial phenotype in tumor mass of glioma-bearing mice, and ultimately counteracted tumor growth. Altogether these data identified two possible actors to counteract glioma growth. On one hand we identified HDAC8 as a key actor in glioma growth and tumor microenvironment, and on the other hand the delivery of engineered rAAV2-IL-15 microglia to boost the immune response paves the way to design a new perspective therapy for glioma patients.

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