Laboratory of Intelligent Signal Processing and Multi Media (ISPAMM)

The Intelligent Signal Processing and Multi Media (ISPAMM) laboratory is an interdisciplinary research group working at the DIET department of Sapienza University of Rome.
The ISPAMM research aims at the design and development of innovative methodologies for multimedia processing. The research activities involved in the laboratory are related to the areas of Machine Learning for Signal Processing, Adaptive Audio Array Processing, Blind Signal Processing, Audio Processing and Computer Music, Neural Networks for Signal Processing, Optimization Algorithms for Machine Learning and Particle Filtering.
In particular, the ISPAMM laboratory is currently active in the following fields:

  • Signal Processing;
    • Linear and nonlinear filtering
    • Non-linear spline filtering
    • Signal processing in the frequency and hyper-complex domains
    • Array processing
  • Applications
    • Beamforming
    • Acoustic echo cancellation
    • Quality enhancement
    • Interactive audio optimization
    • Audio classification
  • Computational intelligence
    • Distributed learning
    • Random feature extraction
    • Learning with big data
    • Evolutionary methods for learning


PhD students, MS students and researchers have access to equipments for experimental activities connected to their research, including:

  • several PC-based workstations;
  • several multi-channel audio acquisition systems;
  • 8-16-32-40 microphone arrays;
  • several DSP boards;
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards.

Each workstation has many software packages installed: Matlab, Python, C/C++ and Delphi compilers, some proprietary DSP libraries.

For further information, please visit the ISPAMM Lab website, or contact the researchers:

  • Aurelio Uncini, email;
  • Raffaele Parisi, email;
  • Michele Scarpiniti, email;

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