Seminars visiting researcher – Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez

Attached are the titles and abstracts of the seminars (one for the department and three for doctoral students) to be given by visiting researcher Alejandro Fernandez Martinez, in April in Lucchesi Lecture Hall - Department of Earth Sciences.


Lectures for PhD students (1h):

3 April 2024 – at 14.00 – aula Lucchesi

Synchrotron nanoscale characterization techniques for the Earth sciences

10 April 2024 – at 14.00 – aula Lucchesi

Mineral nucleation and growth in aqueous systems: unveiling the secrets of crystallization

19 April 2024 – at 14.00 – aula Lucchesi

Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)


Seminar for the department (1h):

11 April 2024 – at 10.00 – aula Lucchesi

Mineral colloids in acid mine drainage: from toxic elements to critical elements

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