Benefit of 200 euros

Thanks to the Aiuti-bis decree, a one-time benefit of 200 euros (also known as Bonus 200 euros) was approved, including for doctoral students and research fellows.
These are the requirements to access the bonus:
  • An active contract that has started before or on May 18, 2022;
  • Enrolment in “Gestione Separata”
  • To have a labour-relation income not higher than 35.000 euro for the year 2021.

It is not possible to request the bonus if the benefit has been received in another form.
Requests must be sent through the INPS platform (, accessible through the following credentials:
  • Level 2 or higher SPID
  • CIE (Identity electronic card 3.0)
  • National services card (CNS).

Moreover, it is possible to proceed with the requests also with the following modalities:
  • Through the Contact Center Multicanale, by calling for free the telephone number 803 164 (landline) or to the telephone number 06 164164 from mobile network (Fee-based, according to the tariff charged by the different operators)
  • Through any CAF
Payment should be done on October 2022.

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