39° Cycle,1° year courses


Study Plan
During the first year, the student needs to compile the Study Plan to be agreed with the thesis Director and to be approved by the Advisor of the PhD Teaching Board. The Study Plan consists in a set of courses that the student decides to follow during the first year (and successfully passes the relative examinations) for a total of 12 credits. It includes:
- courses which are organized specifically for the PhD studies in Physics at the Sapienza University. These courses may vary from year to year. They are announced during the month of November. They are listed in the relevant web page, and the teachers present their contents to the PhD students in a general meeting at the beginning of the year. The courses offered are of 3 credits or of 6 credits (equivalent to 20 or 40 hours of classroom teaching);
- a maximum of 3 credits can be obtained attending a (summer, winter, spring, autumn) "School of Physics", with a minimum duration of 5 days and at least 20 hours of lectures. To obtain the recognition of the credits, the PhD student has to present the certificate of participation for the whole duration of the School released by the School authorities;
- a maximum of 6 credits can be obtained attending courses of the "Laurea Specialistica Magistrale". In case part of a course is being held during the first semester, it becomes impossible to attend it during the first year and the student can attend it at the beginning of the second year. In this case he/she will be conditionally admitted to the second year, provided he/she passes the exam in question within the month of February;
- Courseso of the PhD program in Astrophyisc and Physics of Accelerator 
-  Courses of the PhD program in Physics of the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, of the University of Roma 3
- Courses of the PhD studies which, together with the PhD studies in Physics, constitute the "Vito Volterra" PhD School of the Sapienza University (Astronomy, Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics, Material Science).
Finally, at least 3 credits have to be obtained attending a course (or a School) belonging to a field different from the one in which the PhD student intends to develop his/her thesis work. Alternatively, the PhD student with a thesis of theoretical natureneeds to obtain at least 3 credits from a course (or a School) of an experimental nature and the PhD student with a thesis of experimental nature needs to obtain 3 credits from a course of theoretical nature.
Subject to the authorization of the Coordinator, in justified particular situations (for example, in the event of a change of matter between the MSc and the doctorate), the rule for the compilation of the Study Plan above mentioned may be waived.

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