Mechanical morphing of active gels

November 13, 2020

Opening lecture: November 13, 2020
Frank Julicher - Max Plank Institute for Complex Systems (Germany)
Self-organization of active surfaces

Taylor Ware - Texas A&M University (TX USA) November 20, 2020
Programmable, Shape-Morphing Hydrogels Enabled
by Liquid Crystals and Living Cells

Luciano Teresi - University Roma Tre (Italy) November 27, 2020
Dynamics of liquid transport in active gels

Mattia Bacca - The University of British Columbia (BC Canada) December 4, 2020
Contraction of Active Gels via Molecular Motor Activity:
A theory based on Transient Microstructural Evolution

Anne Bernheim - Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel) December 11, 2020
3D shape transformation in active biological materials

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