PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII
email: yingying.gu@uniroma1.it

supervisor: Prof. Paolo De Troia, Sapienza Università di Roma
co-supervisor: Prof. Davor Antonucci, Sapienza Università di Roma

Research: Aesop’s eagle speaks to the Chinese dragon: the case of 意拾喻言 YISHIYUYAN

Yingying Gu, Curriculum East Asia, 37 cycle

For social and natural reasons, a thorny point in the translation of literary writings consists of the obstacles to understanding caused by cultural and historical differences. Given the flexibility and semantic variety at the lexical level and the divergences in linguistic and sociocultural systems between languages, not infrequently there is a risk of slightly incorrespondence between the source and target languages. By observing the use of particles and quotations, we will attempt to reframe the 意拾喻言 Yishiyuyan, the first translation of Aesop’s fables in modern China, a rewriting that takes into account not only the linguistic level of the target language readers but also whether and how it makes the writings more easily understandable and culturally transmissible.

11/2021 – now: PhD candidate at the Italian Institute of Oriental Studies (ISO), Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)
Research project's title: Aesop’s eagle speaks to the Chinese dragon: the case of 意拾喻言 YISHIYUYAN
Supervisor: Prof. Paolo De Troia (Sapienza University of Rome); co-supervisor: Prof. Davor Antonucci (Sapienza University of Rome)
10/2018-09/2020: Master’s Degree in Linguistics at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)
09/2010-06/2014: Bachelor’s Degree in Italian language at Hebei Normal University Of Science & Technology (Cina)

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