PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVIII
email: uladzimir.morozuk@uniroma1.it
phone: +420608075453

co-supervisor: prof. Ekaterina Rychevá, prof. Anna Maria Perissutti

Research: Representation of national identity in Czech political discourse

Uladzimir Morozuk was born in Minsk, Belarus and moved to the Czech Republic in 2013. He completed both his Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Eastern European Studies at Charles University in Prague, where he explored the connections between Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian languages, especially as regards agentive nouns and gender marking in job titles. In 2022, Uladzimir Morozuk has been enrolled in the joint double degree Ph.D. program of Germanic and Slavic Studies at Sapienza University (Rome, Italy) and Charles University (Prague, Czechia), proposing a research project about the representation of national identity in Czech political discourse. His interests include cognitive linguistics, political linguistics, and the mechanisms of language manipulation.

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