Susana Seidmann

Full professor


Degree in Psychology and Sociology, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Psychology PhD. University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Professor of Social Psychology, Psychology School, UBA, until 2012. Consultant Professor of Social Psychology, UBA, since 2012.

Category I researcher, UBA. Director of a res
earch project at UBACyT: “Homeless people. Trajectories and construction of identity in contexts of urban marginalization in the City of Buenos Aires”.

Director of an international research project on Social Representations on Teacher Professionalization, in Argentina, Ciers-ed, Unesco Chair, São Paulo, Brazil.

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Universidad de Belgrano since 2005

Director of the Master Degree in Community Social Psychology, UBA.

Graduate and postgraduate professor at various universities.

Numerous publications in books, chapters, articles with reference in national and international publications in the area of Social Psychology.

Training of human resources, researchers, scholarship holders, thesis students.

Thesis evaluator, articles as a referee, dissertations, research projects.

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