Sara Serdult



I studied psychology at the University of Pécs. After my graduation I had been living in Lisbon for four years where I worked inter alia as research assistant. In this four years I’ve participated in researches addressing pro-environmental behaviour from social constructivist perspective under the supervision of Paula Castro and Raquel Bohn Bertoldo. These experiences strengthened my interest in social psychological phenomena, therefore in 2013 I decided to start PhD on this field at the University of Pécs under the supervision of Dr. Sara Bigazzi and Dr. János László. The title of my thesis which I defended in 2020 is “ The systematic approach of intergroup relations”. The thesis aims to interpret intergroup relations as the dynamic relation between representational and identity processes.

Since 2016 I’m working as lecturer at the University of Pécs. Working in the social representation paradigm my researches are focusing beyond the identity processes and intergroup relations like prejudice, social competition, cooperation, on collective action, empowerment processes, social practices as inclusion or exclusion.

As I strongly believe that academic knowledge and practice should complete each other I also work on field with groups from different social context constantly improving my methodological setting in order to facilitate the development and sustainability of holding communities.

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