Sara Bigazzi

Associate professor


I am personally and scientifically interested in active citizenship, cultural diversities, intercultural applications, equal opportunities, minority rights, cooperative structures, developing dialogue and solidarity. I’ve been teaching in higher education since 2000. At the moment I’m leading the social psychology doctoral program at the Psychology Doctoral School of the University of Pécs and an NGO SocLab aimed to help the development of local communities and local solidarity. Since twenty years beside my research activities I am involved in bottom-up arising community development settling in field theoretical considerations and research results as good and bad examples of these experiences are turned in my teaching and researching tasks.

My research background consists of mixed methodologies. I have expertise in projective methods to obtain data and narrative or content analysis of existing data as well as participatory action research. I use different software on quantifying content-based data. My intercultural (Italo-Hungarian) and interdisciplinary (psychological, social-psychological, anthropological, sociological) background helps me to change perspective in analysis through different social contexts and historical backgrounds to adopt a complex and differentiated interpretative lens.

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