PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVI

supervisor: Prof. Bruno Lo Turco, "Sapienza" Università di Roma
co-supervisor: Prof. Mario Casari, "Sapienza" Università di Roma

Research: "Alexander in the East. On the peoples of India and the Brahmans"

Research interests: Classical philology, Iconography, Late antiquity, “Alexander Romance”, Greco-Indian wonders (hybrid creatures, paradises), Gymnosophists and relations between India and the Classical world.

Simone Cecchetto (1282940), Curriculum: “Indian subcontinent and Central Asia”, 36th cycle (with scholarship).

04/2022 − 07/2022: Visiting Ph.D. Student at the Warburg Institute, University of London, School of Advanced Study.

11/2020 − to date: PhD student at the Italian Institute of Oriental Studies – ISO, Curriculum: Indian subcontinent and Central Asia, Sapienza-University of Rome. Project title: “Alexander in the East. On the peoples of India and the Brahmans”.

2018 − 2019: Bibliographic research and drafting of the project “Dragons and Indian Paradises in the Alexander Romance”, approved at the Warburg Institute of London.

2017: Master’s degree in Philology, Literature and History of the Ancient World, Sapienza-University of Rome. Thesis Title: “Περὶ τῶν τῆς Ἰνδίας ἐθνῶν καὶ τῶν βραγμάνων by Ps.-Palladius. Introduction, translation and commentary”.

2015: Internship at the “Giuseppe Tucci” National Museum of Oriental Art. Cataloguing and arrangement of textual and iconographic sources for the photographic panels: “The classical world and India”.

2012: Bachelor’s degree in Humanities Studies, Sapienza-University of Rome. Thesis Title: “Anima Mundi. History of an Idea from the Archaic φύσις to Modern times”.

2008: High-school diploma in classical studies (Liceo Classico).

Research products

11573/1666410 - 2023 - L’odontotiranno, “drago” dell’India: un’ipotesi interpretativa
Cecchetto, Simone - 02a Capitolo o Articolo
book: Percorsi in Civiltà dell’Asia e dell’Africa II. Quaderni di studi dottorali alla Sapienza - (978-88-9377-260-0)

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